• 《NBA2K21》控卫身高竟然再次提高?人均控卫詹来了_游戏频道_东

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几个月前,我有机会与封面运动员Damian Lillard进行了Zoom通话。他是一名忠实2K游戏玩家,并且对2K21有很多宝贵的反馈意见和想法。但是他还有个最大的要求?那就是能够在MyCAREER模式中建立大号PG。因此,为了所有想成为Penny Hardaway的玩家着想,我们将PG的最大高度提高到了6'8英寸(2.03米),对此,利指导非常感谢。他继续分享他对游戏玩法的建议,然后我们将这些建议添加到我们已经在社区中执行的心愿单。收集了所有反馈后,我们得出了很多好的建议,我们知道玩家社区希望看到这些(例如长传出界?),并为了玩家提出基于技能的解决方案。

我们一直以自己是市面上最真实的篮球游戏而自豪,并且这种情况永远不会改变。但是,我们面临的挑战之一是在模拟现实生活,和制作一款令广大粉丝感到愉悦的游戏之间取得适当的平衡。那就是关于Skill Gap VS(不懂这个,了解的老哥评论区见)的辩论。辅助功能开始发挥作用。我们追求的目标是创建一款对新玩家容易上手游戏,同时也为资深玩家提供足够的空间显示技术差距,使其真正发挥自己的才能。



I had the opportunity to jump on a Zoom call with cover athlete, Damian Lillard, a few months back. He is a huge 2K gamer and had a ton of great feedback and ideas for 2K21. But his biggest request? Being able to make an oversized PG in MyCAREER. So, for all you Penny Hardaway wanna bes, you have Dame to thank for that as we have upped the max height for PG to 6'8”. Dame continued to share his likes and dislikes of gameplay, which we then added to the running wishlist that we already had from the community. After compiling all the feedback, We came away with a great list of items that we knew the community wanted to see improved (e.g. long passes downcourt sailing out of bounds) and came up with skill-based solutions that would be more fun and fair for everyone.

We' ve always prided ourselves as being the most authentic basketball simulation on the market, and that will never change. But one of the challenges that We face is striking the right balance between simulating real life and making a game that's fun and enjoyable for a wide range of fans. That's where the debate on Skill Gap VS. Accessbility comes into play. The target we shoot for is to create a game that's easy to pick up and play for new users while also providing enough of a skill gap for veteran users to really showcase their talent.